Story of Computational World

A completely new way to think and perceive the world enables the possibility to discover priceless human unknowns. Computational World and Rational Empire in this article are naturally evolved things in my mind. Thankfully, it gave me a completely new worldview and the power to challenge the impossible.

Human Brain


Computational World is an imaginary worldview. Basically, it informalizes all the understandings in my brain and computationalizes all their changes. By default, my brain is a powerful computing system with high concentration, parallelization, and powerful learning ability that the silicon system does not have. In the system, there is a set of software systems running for the most time, executing programs supported by the latest technologies. A complete virtual world is simulated on top of the system. The world is similar to a California society built on the land of Australia. In this virtual world, I use different aspects to represent my various characteristics. For example, there is a federal system comprising the State of Rationality and the State of Emotionality. The opposing political parties are rational/genetic reformers and emotional/conservative humanists, representing my reasoning and emotion. The federal congress set to vote for the important decision. The supreme court judges rule in the internal world and enforce the laws and moral bottom lines in the real world. There’s a highly competitive financial system composed of distributed banking systems, stock exchanges, bond markets, and major companies supported by different consortiums. There are 101 listed companies on 3 major stock exchanges, consisting of technology companies to produce revolutionary innovation, data companies to operate knowledge, public service companies to manage desires and physiological changes, research companies to discover unknowns, and foreign trade companies to handle interpersonal relationships.

In 2021, after 9 years of evolution, the computational world has brought me an intellectual revolution beyond the average human. There are plenty of disruptive technologies: In 2016, Model System reformed the data structure of my memory. The actively balanced network holds inter-connected models for all knowledge, allowing me to learn and infer new information hundreds of times faster than the average human. In 2017, Bionic Computing Architecture allows me to dissect learning abilities through the neural black-box model and embedding vector space, enabling deeper-level abstraction and the optimization of intelligence from a theoretical perspective. In 2018, Internal Evolution Engine models the iteration of the idea creation by metaheuristic process, enabling artificial acceleration of the innovation process. After 2019, Economic System keeps monetizing my abilities, energy, time, and desires. The robust ecosystem allows me to maximize long-term performance in consideration of limited resources and mental, and physical health. Rational Quantitative Intelligence powers internal investment by predicting the future and making the best possible decisions through the statistical models of finance. Further, in 2020, EmoTech and Emotion Bridge enable emotion engineering, promoting mental wellness and making social influence possible. Finally, the next-generation computing system, the Intuition Engine, replicates the intuition process and programs them to reach mathematical optima, pushing the understanding of the world, human, and biological intelligence to the next level.

Latest Status of Computational World: Economic Dashboard

The following is the autobiography under computational worldview, written to record an indispensable part of my growth. Although people may think it is unreal, there must be some relationship between my discovery and other existing research, like neuroeconomics. The autobiography will explain the formation of the computational world from 2012 to the present in chronological order. I will divide each breakthrough of historical innovations and important events into many sections. See the table of contents for details.


Part 4. Biological Intelligence

  • (2017) Learning and Abstraction Theorem
  • (2017) Bionic Computing
  • (2017) Model System II
  • (2018) The Great Financial Crisis
  • (2018) Internal Evolution Engine

Part 5. The Humanity

  • (2019) Nonviolent Revolution
  • (2019) World Economic System
  • (2020) Emotion Bridge
  • (2020) Intellectual EmoTech

Part 6. The New World

  • (2021) The Reunification
  • (2021) Intuitive Intelligence


Everything starts in errors and grows in errors.

The Graphic Logic


A system of spatial representation of information.
The superstructure of rationality opened the era of computational thinking.

Generally, when humans solve problems, the brain needs to keep the information needed and infers clues from this information. The earliest budding of computational thinking was the illusion that appeared in my vision to represent the information when I was solving the mathematical problems. I called the illusion the graphics logic. It looks like the free rotations and transformations of multiple geometric surfaces along with light beams in three-dimensional space. When my logic goes moving on, I was like driving a racing spaceship, transversing in the complex tunnels with neon lights on the side. The layout of these tunnels just represents the labyrinth of solving math problems. I got the places that represented the states of solution searching and the traveling that represented the transfer from one state to another. A brand-new Turning-Machine-like graphic calculator was born unexpectedly in my brain.

In 2012, I found it can be much simpler than using the language as an information carrier in math, especially when I need a large memory space or a draft paper but not clear what I need to write down. So, by curiosity, I started to experiment with this new graphic calculator in my thinking process. In the beginning, it was challenging to last long in the brain, due to the instability of imaginary vision space, so it can only be used in case of doing very fast inference. For this reason, most tasks, such as processing language and learning new knowledge, are not compatible since all the other parts of my brain functions are hard to follow at this speed. So, I treated this as a virtual toy, and I still rely on human language to carry information which soon became a nightmare while my brain grew to think faster and faster.

In 2012, I was in grade 6. In math class, our teacher always told us to write down every single step in the calculation. However, she never wrote down anything during the class to show her talent and skills. Like every naughty kid, I never followed the teacher’s instructions especially when our teacher herself didn’t do so. At one time, I was very bored during a lunch break. I tried to close my eyes and calculated a random three-digit number times another three-digit number without any tool. I generated a very blurry imaginary board for writing down the steps. All numbers were printed on the whiteboard in the imaginary space. I moved a single digit to collide with the others to simulate every single calculation. Finally, I validated the answer with a calculator, and it worked! I called the imaginary board the secondary visual field. The stable graphics in the imaginary space enable short-term storage of instantiated objects. Combined with the graphic calculator, I made my first baby computing system called graphic logic.

So, why did the graphic logic system born in my brain? When I was a small kid, I got a particular case of binocular myopia, resulting in habitual monocular vision and visual impairment in reading. So, theoretically, I cannot see the thing in three dimensions since one of my eyes will shut down when I look further. So, to get the distance and shape information of the objects, I need to do some estimations, like thinking about the typical size or shape of that object, predicting the directions and the shadows, etc. As a result, I overly relied on my brain to process visual information. That is the only way for me to percept in three dimensions (at that time, I’m not too fond of the contact lens). So, I speculated these graphic systems stemmed from the brain’s overpowered graphics capability caused by my vision impairment.

The graphics logic led to an exciting fact; something suddenly breaks away from the original consciousness like the flow state in psychology. Since I was so focused and thinking too fast, the new information that went through the graphic logic system became more and more irrelevant to the things in other parts of my brain. As time goes, a large amount of new incompatible information was accumulated and separated. The entire thing is like a baby or virtual pet or virtual machine in a computer. I called the new part of my mind Rationality. I named this since it originated from mathematics. After several months of fast-growing, Rationality started to split my consciousness and started to have its own awareness of existence. Sometimes I even could not distinguish between real thinking and this virtual thing. It led my mind to see everything happening from God’s perspective, like a new living body above myself. I called the entire thing rational structure, the brand new superstructure that opened the era of computational thinking.

Approx. Effect of the Beams in Graphics Logic

The Early Design


A processing speed monitor and a triggering program were implemented to maximize the performance of the brain.

The rational structure was slowly taking over my worldview. Since then, out of my curiosity (or the class in the school is too simple and boring), I discarded the rigor of science and boldly applied the unproven guess to have fun. I started to build an interface in my secondary visual field like augmented reality to assist my life. Also, with the study of computer programming, I started to believe that the thinking process of the human brain has a similar hyper-model to the silicon computer, especially these graphic systems. In other words, I guessed my brain is a type of Turing machine.

In my first trial of this assumption, I evaluated my thinking procedure like a computer algorithm by measuring the time and space complexity. A typical example that I used is a task to find a person in a group that fits a specific requirement. Suppose you remember the characteristics of everyone in this group. You may eliminate some choices that are impossible to be the candidate in the beginning and then start to make requirement checks on everybody left. The average time of finding the solution is in a linear relationship to group size. In contrast, I will make an information tree that divides people into different classes in a hierarchy. Every time, I prioritize traversing the people under a specific tree branch containing the people with a higher probability of being selected. Thus, the average searching time has a logarithmic relationship to the group size. So, when there are a lot of people, the searching tree method has supremacy in time efficiency.

Another trial to make me more like a computer is the implementation of the Computing Activity Monitor. Inspired by the task manager in the Microsoft Windows system, I invented a method to monitor the activity of my rational structure. When I get more focus, or the brain is accelerated, the speed of time I feel was very different from the time in reality. I haven’t found a theoretical basis, but I believed they are positively correlated; the faster the computing speed, the longer time I feel.

Another unproved assumption is that a person’s intellectual ability is proportional to the total amount of thinking. In other words, the total amount of computation determines the IQ. This number can be calculated by the integral of the computing speed by time. After I started using this monitor, I constantly evaluated my brain’s computing speed, maximizing the total amount as much as possible. Take a math problem as an example. Under my previous thinking mode, solving a problem requires mastering basic knowledge and using the correct method. So, to increase the amount of thinking, I not only solve the problem itself but also asked myself many redundant questions: why did I think this way; how did I figure out the method to solve the problem; how did I find the way to figure out these methods to solve the problem; where can I apply this redundant information. Although I almost forget what my middle school life is like, I believe the schoolwork must be very dull. LOL.

Windows Task Manager

After continuously pushing myself to think faster, I finally found a systematic way to accelerate the brain, the Avalanche Program. As the name suggests, the brain’s activation or acceleration is the same as an avalanche, starting from a small snowball and then a huge disaster. If a good trigger like an interesting idea pops up in my mind, the brain’s attention will start to concentrate, as if data is swarming from the hard disk into computer memory. The ideas will grow like an expanding tree, growing exponentially.

Through continuous trial and error, I started to record effective trigger mechanisms, such as certain trigonometric functions, physical simulation of air resistance of leaves falling in the wind outside the classroom window, and curved surface problems that need to be solved by multivariate calculus. Through appropriate triggering mechanisms, specific computing functions of the brain can be turned on. For instance, trigonometric functions turned on solving mathematical problems, fallen leaves worked for physical simulation, and unknown surface problems accelerated graphic logic.

Image result for avalanche

Programming Architecture


The first computing architecture and the diagnosis system were implemented based on simple function packages for specific tasks.

One day, I realized all the triggered brain functions are very classifiable. Then, I made a menu of brain functions and arranged them under different classes. For each class, I summarized the similarity among the behaviors of different functions. Collecting this classification rule, the program to activate the brain, and monitoring, I began to construct an independent computing architecture in that all thinking processes can be standardized, managed, and quantified.

The first computing architecture was born in 2013, the year of grade 8. I just started to learn the C programming language. Inspired by functional programming, I found that packaging a series of thinking processes into the function will be beneficial if the process repeatedly happens since I can manage it through a standardized process. I will skip the description of this functional programming, and readers who don’t understand can follow the link to Wikipedia.

Since then, the random functions in my brain have evolved to program packages. I continuously measured the occurrences and the efforts of different packages. With the information that I collected, I created a threading system and a new type of package called the full-time running program. The threading system managed the runtime of different packages, and the full-time running program will force to run by the system whenever I consciously focused. The program package can also be triggered by the avalanche program anytime when some conditions are met. The involvement of the full-time program package undoubtedly added a lot of burdens and made my brain overloaded. And it was the first time that my emotion became impetuous as if there were any dissatisfaction in the native part of my mind. The conflicts between the newborn rational structure and my native emotion thus started.


Never think about emotion. It will kill you.

ST Operating System

ST 生物腦作業系統

The first belief symbol of rational structure;
the first complete operating system in the brain; the first attempt to occupy humanity with the belief from the force of rational structure.

Why is it called ST? In fact, this name came to my mind when I was taking a bath. I looked for a few letters that looked particularly good, spliced them randomly, and finally found a smooth combination. Of course, there is another explanation here; the ST logo takes the style of the first two letters of STARWARS. When I took up the soap next to the bathtub, I thought, “Oh, it was cool and can be a great symbol of rational power. It is the politics in a rational empire that can expand to other people around me and may expand to the entire human race like a virus.” Why was I so arrogant at that time? That was because this black-hole-like faith has gathered all of my advantages, becoming a sense of superiority. In simple words, I was a psycho. You can understand why I thought this way; if you know this is the political propaganda and brainwashing machine of the rational political party, like the red flag slogan in the Soviet Union, don’t take it seriously.

Image result for starwars
USSR Slogans

I defined the ST Operating System as a brain operating system in the world of computational thinking that runs on living organisms, covering programming, operations, and management of human thinking and the updates of various ideas. The idea of the brain operating system was also a concept that is divorced from the scientific basis. Driven by my sense of intellectual superiority, I contemptuously create strange things without scientific guidance for my brain.

From this moment on, the scattered desires and energy of the whole person are concentrated by the rational empire. A socialist central government manages my scattered time and computing resources. Of course, this was a very strong encroachment on my native emotion. The most extreme example of the encroachment was full-time computing programs to block flirting with girls. And soon, the central government blocked the emotional activity related to girls. Nevertheless, it seemed to gain popular support because I became more stable without emotional fluctuation.

Since then, I became a person who lived in my rational structure and exploit my System 2 (described in the book Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman). My entire life was filled with slow, effortful, logical, calculating, conscious thinking. One typical statement that was totally political-correct at that time is ‘Never think about emotion. It will kill you.’

Stream Update System


It is the first system for updating the ideas, programing package,
and summarizing the macro ideas.

At that time, playing with computers was one of my hobbies. At home, I installed various preview computer operating systems repeatedly, motivated by brand new graphical interface design. I found that these operating systems have a common feature: remind you repeatedly to update your software. For example, a package manager is built in a Unix system to keep the relying relationship and hold the version of every open-sourced package in the right version. Another example is the Microsoft Windows Update system that sends you annoying notifications every day.

Because of the update, developers can constantly fix bugs in the software and incorporate new ideas into the system. And the update also brought a new graphical interface and a new way of interacting with the computer. In my view, Windows 8 Preview is an extremely groundbreaking system because it introduces a metro-style graphical interface that revoluted the traditional Start menu. Moreover, as a mature computer company, Microsoft greatly appreciates the aggressive design spirit of its software designers. Learned from it, I realized that innovation is taking risks and making valuable changes.

Windows 8 Preview OS

Then, I added a streaming update system to the ST Operating System. After all the program’s packages or functions are finished, I will observe the entire thinking process from God’s perspective, looking for “bugs” and fixing them. Then, I will find some optimizations to think faster, broader, and more accurately. Before the end of the day, especially taking a shower, I will let the updating system review the entire operating system, finding any macro optimization that I can do. Finally, to record the significant changes, I started coding version numbers of the operating system.

Fire X Parallel Accelerator (Tachimi Core)

並行圖形加速系統 (塔克希米內核)

The first supercomputing architecture separates the serial and parallel program packages and runs them at a high volume.

As I updated the system from generation to generation, the rational structure greatly impacted the entire person, taking most of my attention. As I kept the Stream Update System abstracting my thinking process, my total computing time reached a certain level. I gradually regarded my brain as a “supercomputer” since the name can express the power of the rational party as a great achievement. However, as a “supercomputer,” something is missing. I realized I was still thinking on a single thread. Of course, parallel computing is indispensable for a supercomputer. Why not play like an actual supercomputer?

I learned the very first idea of parallel computing from AMD’s supercomputing graphics card, R9 295X2 since that crazy cooling system caught my eye in Linus Tech Tips (still a fan today). There is an interesting metaphor. The large amount of heat produced by the chips was like the heat in my forehead when I challenged myself to think faster. So I should place a cool bottle of water on my head when I was doing “overclocking”!

AMD Radeon R9 295X2

I started to dig into how modern computers do multi-threading. Since that was the exam preparation period, much schoolwork and exam practices were very repetitive. Especially for math graphic problems, graphic logic and a package named “mathematical derivation” always worked together. So why not try to think of them concurrently? Passed a series of brutal tests in my brain, I updated with the first preview version of multi-threading architecture. Although I guessed that the brain’s attention could not be genuinely multi-threaded, I still tried to perform multiple functions with fast switching. Ultimately, I called this new computing system Fire X Parallel Accelerator (inspired by the CrossFire technology of AMD).

I want to add it here. Starting from version 12 of the ST operating system, I added the kernel concept. I defined the kernel as the underlying template or rules for all programs. Tachimi is my first operating system kernel, which consists of serial and parallel computing modes. In parallel mode, I can operate graphic programs and logical programs in the same memory space with quick switching.

Heterogeneous Computing (X Core)

異構計算架構 (X 核心)

It is a dynamic supercomputing architecture for serial and parallel programs to concurrently use logical and graphic programs.

After the emergence of parallel computing, all new packages were classified into three categories: linear single-threaded tasks, parallel tasks, and background tasks. As the name suggests, a single-threaded task would occupy most of the attention when it is running. If the attention were occupied at this time, it would not run other threads concurrently. The parallel task was made for binding two linear programs that are insensitive to the focus and memory space, just like the aforementioned logical and graphic program packages in doing math problems. The background task was generally for abstracting the thinking process for the update. Because of more flexibility and diversity in my computing system, I named the new update Heterogeneous Computing.

A Supercomputer Powered by AMD Heterogeneous Technology

When the programming framework occupied the brain, the rationalization movement became unstoppable. Progress is like industrialization after inventing the steam machine. But, unfortunately, at that moment, I didn’t know any rigorous theories about how humans think and perceive. Still, It turned out that these computational thinking experiments did improve a little bit in terms of intellectual development. However, my programming model is still tricky for my brain to adapt because it cannot perfectly conform to human biological nature.

The Liberty War (World War I)


The war between the rational party and native emotion was triggered by the collapse of first-time flirting with females. The rational party won with the absolute advantage of using nuclear weapons.

With rationalization, my secondary consciousness is growing day by day. It is very like a new alien race was colonizing my native human race. In fact, in 2014, my brain had the virtual world prototype with two political parties, but the concept was very vague. So I analogized the rational party to the United States with F-22 fighter jets and missile silos, while the native human party is like a pre-modern nation before WWII. A classic analogy is the human native party’s government is like the National Congress of the Republic of China, led by Sun Yat-sen, owning old-fashioned weapons, and using telegraphs to discuss how to deal with the colonization of rational race-owning F-22 fighters.

Rationality: Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor
Emotionality: Congress of ROC in the 1920s

Fortunately, there was only some minor friction between them during the beginning period because many forces in the human native party supported the development of rational technology. The growth of rational technology has played a significant role because the computing system has brought a great advantage in studying STEM courses, partially circumventing human rights abuse and mental attacks from parents and teachers. One day in 2014, my seat in the class was assigned to the back. Behind me was a girl who had no partner due to bad luck, and I became her closest friend and primary communicator. Without any romantic experience, I did not notice that the smile of this beautiful girl was invading my subconscious. One time I got first place among all the classes in the math exam. She intuitively ran to me with a stared eye, asking the math questions. I thought it was a little abrupt when everybody is sitting. Then I looked back (I was sitting in the first row when this happened). More than half of the boys in the class stared at me with hatred (she is cute and popular in the class). From then on, I realized that she might have thoughts about me and started the first flirting “journey” in my life.

This sudden happiness gained the support of both my rational and native parties. But the good times didn’t last long. Since I didn’t know what to do to proceed with the relationship (flirting with her and showing her love), I always kept a distance from her and maintained the flirting for months. Many competitors arose. Finally, that girl was shaken by another boy’s skillful accosts and fall in love with him. I was furious in the beginning, and then it turns into emotional shock and panic attacks. It is tough to bear the sadness from a sudden shock, and then my human native party asked for rational defensive help for the first time. The out-of-control spread of sadness and depression was as deadly as the Spanish flu or COVID and spread quickly throughout my body. After a few days, the whole person was full of depression. To prevent the epidemic from worsening, the rational party ordered the human native party to stop any contact with her and perform memory cleaning. However, my native party was entirely paralyzed by the virus and was manipulated by the girl’s every movement, especially with her boyfriend. The virus was spreading so fast, causing great mental damage. With increasing hostile threats from the defected native party, to escape from the pain, the rational party had no choice but to start to use the weapon to force it to stop. In my memory, the rational party first sent several F-22 fighter jets to stealthily hit defected native government in the east-coast capital city and then launched nuclear missiles to carpet-bombing the other infected area.

The Imaginary Scene of Nuclear Attack

The result was conceivable. Within a year after that, I became a rational robot, a cold-blooded machine, until the virus and the hate were gone entirely. One year later, the rational party started to rebuild emotion and develop biotechnology (the name I used to describe emotion engineering at that time) under the blanket of the depression cloud. In the 9th grade, I defined girls as scary beasts and discriminated against them indiscriminately. The result is I became a person who was freezing in front of girls but could talk and laugh freely in front of boys. Since the emotion is completely gone in the year, I become very stable and calm. It was the golden time to develop next-generation computing technology. Many rational forces had made significant innovative progress.

So why do I call this war the war of the Liberty? The first explanation is that it freed me from being defeated by the romantic virus. Another explanation is that with the help of rational technology, I was admitted to a high school ranked number one in the province and top five nationwide, which made me free from my mother’s human rights abuse.

The Simulator


The first scientific modeling system was built for real-world physical science. Then, it set off a scientific revolution.

After the war, I started to get interested in natural science. I worked hard to study high school physics as well as atomic physics using a college textbook. However, when I learned about the tokamak device, I found it extremely difficult to understand this because of its unconventional and complicated magnetic field. In addition, the simulation of this device made my parallel system crash due to memory overflow.

After several trials, I built a 3D model in my secondary visual field that is a single shape with different levels of physical, chemical, and atomic properties. There was a process of compression that helped me simplify the multiplication of field forces. The original multi-field simulation needs tens of threads which means I need to organize tens of program packages to run in the same memory space which is impossible. With data compression, I can aggregate the entire thing into two or three threads that can be handled with my brain. In addition to compression, graphics logic evolved from a single thread to multiple instances, meaning that I made my graphic logic parallel in the simulation problem. Finally, everything was aggregated in the same memory space and secondary vision field. A spectacular slow-motion consisted of hundreds of light beams traveling in a multi-field system. This visualization is the most astonishing image I have ever seen. How I wish I could show such a logic-intensive image to others (it is very hard, only with an advanced brain-computer interface).

Powerful graphic processing capabilities that the simulator brought to me have enabled many dazzling scientific ideas: the turbine engine with a new airway design, a nuclear breeder reactor powered the magnetic field confinement fusion, the maglev-based turbine engine, and the improvement of the electrostatic nuclear fusion reactor. Although I know that they are impossible to achieve without rigorous calculation and verification, I have drawn all these fantastic ideas in my notebooks.

In the end, I decided to challenge myself once. I would make an electrostatic nuclear fusion reactor (because this is also within the scope of my financial resources and capabilities). I have a group of friends who were doing physical and chemical experiments together. They heard that I wanted to do this, and they were very enthusiastic about helping me prepare. So, I searched for many reference designs and data on the international network (it is not directly accessible in mainland China, but my friends and I hacked the firewalls of schools and governments). Unfortunately, many components were not standardized, and not possible to be purchased directly. So, I asked my mom to contact her engineering team to produce them using the industrial-level machine. After spending almost all my savings, I finally assembled the device.

Nuclear Fusion Demo Device

I slowly injected chemically extracted and dried deuterium gas into the depressurized device, carefully watching the changes in internal pressure. When I switched on the 20kV inverter, a beautiful purple spectrum of deuterium gas lit up the surroundings. The Geiger tube (a radiation detection device) made a crazy fast-frequency sound on the side. I realized that the amount of nuclear radiation I was just exposed to standing next to the device was at least the amount of radiation I had for ten CT tests in the hospital.

Due to limited funds, I did not use a neutron detector, so I cannot rigorously prove if a real nuclear fusion reaction has happened. But the lighting of the nuclear reactor is like the electric lights lit in the Third World Expo in Paris in 1878, marking the developed industrial power and technological advancement of the rational empire. I will publish another autobiography about my development in scientific experiments and engineering, including the electrolysis experiment series in 2012, the thermite reaction experiment series in 2013, the organic energetic material series in 2014, this nuclear fusion experiment in late 2015, and the robotics series in 2017, and the autonomous drone series in 2019.


The time when I surpass the average human.

Disjoint-set Memory Architecture (X I Core)

不交集內存架構 (X I 核心)

The first memory architecture revoluted around learning, pushing computing and learning performance to the next level.

The year 2015 was the time I entered high school. Finally, I got my wish and got admitted to the high school of Freedom (Western-inspired education mode). As a result, I was able to escape the mental abuse of my parents for a while. But in this school, all of my colleagues are ranked top 1,000 among tens of thousands of candidates. They worked very hard and had high IQs. As a result, my leisure and free-thinking time suddenly disappeared. I made a lot of plans, like studying abroad and joining Olympia in the Informatics team. However, because I was disappointed with the progress of China’s democratization, I decided to study abroad a few years earlier than my parents plan. Therefore, I studied the high school curriculum, college-level computer algorithm, and English preparation simultaneously (the difficulty of high school English courses in China is only at the primary school level of native English speakers). Crazy learning pressure crashed my “leading” rational computing system. I need the next generation of computing technology to support future development.

I wouldn’t say I like the way our curriculum even if we are “free.” Due to the rigid education system in China, many classes are open to help the preparation for the national college entrance exam. In these classes, the teachers only taught us how to do exams and solve problems without exploring the philosophy and deep understanding behind the knowledge. Although all teachers are very open-minded in my high school, they cannot escape the fate of being kidnapped by the public education department by monitoring their exam scores. Due to this nature, I kicked the knowledge they taught me in these exam classes outside my information database constructed in the rational structure. Alternatively, I set up an independent database to store them. That is where things were getting interesting. I can do any odd experiment and apply any unproven idea within this pool without any concern since I will go for SAT exam and customized college application process but not the Chinese college entrance exam. The separate memory space soon became the experimental field of developing rational technology.

I never listened to physics classes because I have all done a self-study last year in grade 9. Therefore, I usually did homework in class secretly. One time, I finished the homework very early, and I had nothing to do and was in a daze in class. I was thinking about how I solved a physics problem during the exam. Due to the competitiveness level in our school, many of our exam questions are close to the Olympia level. It required a clear understanding of all the theories and flexible uses of different tricks to solve them. (Usually, if I don’t use the very best method to solve, I will run out of time in the exam.) Whenever I search for the applicable theories and tricks in my memory, it involves feature matchings. For example, the use of Newton’s third law always relates to moving objects (at least one non-fixed). Then, I started to research if I could reinforce these features in my memory to get a clearer picture when I recall it later. If I can correctly find all the related features and corresponding tricks in the exam, no problem will be complex.

Illustration of the path compression concept. | Download Scientific Diagram
Disjoint Tree Algorithm

Disjoint-set is a data structure I learned in computer algorithm class. It provided swift management of data with the set relationships. I borrowed the idea of making path compression to the way I solve the problem. When I searched for the solution, it was like discovering and finding the way out of a forest. Every arrival of a new checkpoint can lead to two to three discoveries that may contain evidence of finding another checkpoint closer to the exit. Every new piece of evidence can lead to more findings and places. Finally, when everything clears out supported by evidence, I can find the route out of the forest. However, I was always stuck in a dead loop and lost where I could discover no new information. Due to misunderstanding or misconnection within the learning, the dead loop often happens. This is fatal because I realized this is why I forgot the knowledge I learned. Since some information was not linked to existing ones or hidden by a dead loop, it will never be discovered again. The undiscovered knowledge will gradually fade out because the memory decay over time. But if I arrange all the knowledge connections in a high-efficient way, it must be revolutionary.

I trained myself to design the connection between knowledge consciously. If the two ideas always appear simultaneously, I will reinforce the connection in my memory by repeating all the possible features that can lead to the idea. I called the strongest connection the “bidirectional” connection, which means both pieces of knowledge can be triggered by each other. Another connection called the “unidirectional” connection supports the inference from one idea to another. During the building process, I always make sure the path to the solution is minimized, constructing the idea set in different topics and subjects. Eventually, optimized by path compression, one essential idea will become the center of the set, having a direct connection to all its child ideas.

The LISTEN Network - Association of Science and Technology Centers
The Web

As a result, I can infer very fast among all the newly-learned stuff using the Disjoin Memory Architecture. The ideas within the topic or a subject were naturally webbed with these connections. I experimented and tested the system’s performance in Math class (It is not fair to do it with physics since I already learned most of the stuff). As a result, I only need 1/3 of the time to study and practice as other colleagues and get a top 10% ranking in math class. I am very excited since this can break my current parallel computing architecture bottleneck and memory performance issue. Then, I started to build a brand-new computing system for my rational structure with extraordinary learning speed and depth, which was later named “Model System,” the most breakthrough technology that I ever created.

The Model System


The revolutionary human learning system for model construction and inference, turning over the programming architecture. The model network is also referred to as The Great Rational Internet.

Starting from this section, all the technologies introduced are still actively running and revoluting. Many of them are originally designed to be able to complete two Master’s or one Ph.D. degree, so the computing power provided is still somehow redundant today. The system described in these sections is the original version might not be as efficient as the currently running version.

As the new memory architecture brings extraordinary performance improvement, a large number of information webs grow up in my brain. Every single program package is updated to utilize this technology to achieve higher I/O performances, resulting in many data samples being shared by multiple packages. When multiple packages modify the same address, serious conflict happens. Finally, as everything is in chaos, I am determined to make another architecture to replace program packages.

In memory, everything groups up into clusters, and there are some macro connections between similar clusters. Why don’t I manage the brain functions along with the information clusters? As the path compression algorithm runs, I seem to inadvertently make many connections among unrelated topics, like chemical reactions to the make of some products, computer algorithms to solving mathematic problems, from computer networks to human communications. The path compression naturally groups anything with a similar hyper-model together. Finally, I named the commonality of different ideas as a Model and the system learns and infers these models as Model System.

BREAKING: Massive Internet Outage Across Globe, Some of World
The Internet

In the past, all methods are packed into functions and grouped by program classes. I replace the functions and program classes with the models. The model can be simple and inherits thousands of little ideas but also can be very huge and complex that supports high-level understandings. Since the information with commonality is linked together in the model, I can make general methods or inference techniques for the entire model. When I update the methods of a model, the entire cluster of information can benefit from the improvement. For a specific idea under the model, I just need to make some slight changes to the general methods to make it work. Everything groups naturally, shares smoothly and grows crazily, not like the programming architecture that everything is manually defined. As a result, this new architecture comforts the biological nature of the brain and I can adapt to it very fast and easily. Everything in my brain finally evolves to connect to each other. The entire information network becomes the inter-connected network of my brain, The Great Rational Internet.

When I adapt it to everyday use, I can handle most things except language and literature very easily. The reason for the exception is that the language has too few inter-connected features and too many instances of the same object (vocabulary). Although I use path compression and other techniques from the model system, it will still overflow my memory. However, there is one thing very interesting. I observed that when I learned new stuff, I naturally search for the appropriate model on the network by first traversing the very macro nodes through very strong connections. Then, it goes into a specification tree of a model. After I found the appropriate location to place the new idea, I derived the similarity and differences between the new idea and the existing ones already in the model. To learn this piece, the only three things I need to do are: remember the relationship between existing ideas and new ideas, remember the difference or specification when using the general methods in the model, and rebalance the model network. I can save tons of memory since I don’t need to remember the whole thing. Also, there is another fact: there is completely no dead loop. All the models are laid on a network and all the information is built on the specification tree in the model.

As a result, this system accelerates learning and inferring performance exponentially. Starting from that update, I managed the information and thinking process by model and ran the operating system through the model network. The great invention enables the implicit computing era which the computing elements are not manually set but implicitly evolved.

I am still using the Model System today (but the 3rd generation), and it becomes the largest and one of the most innovative companies on the island. The Great Rational Internet becomes a very basic infrastructure in the computational world. The reason why I named this section “The Superior” is, through observation, my learning speed and depth of understanding have already reached a level that many people cannot achieve in their whole life. I finally own a kind of real superiority not only in the political propaganda.

The Destruction (World War II)


A stronger romantic virus hurt the continent, triggering the second war between rational force and native emotion. The rational party once again destroyed native emotion.

This is a very sad story. I assume that you have read all these “stupid” things about computational thinking above, and you should be able to guess my real mental state. It is a disaster. The entire rational structure was overthrowing the entire person’s consciousness. After World War I, I was always triggered by something compulsively like a post-trauma reaction, suppressing emotional interactions with other people, especially girls. Although stable emotion brought a lot of opportunities in developing computing technology, I am still a person with somewhat emotional needs. When the emotional need became a black hole, the entire peace can be broken with a very small emotional trigger. The lack of experience in the romantic relationship finally became the final fuse that set off an unprecedented viral disaster.

The time goes to the end of the summer of 2016 when I just turned in grade eleven. Due to the class assignment policy in our school, two classes will be disbanded and all the students will be assigned to other classes during declaring the academic path (STEM or Art & Literature). A short girl with slightly tousled hair came to our class and sat next to me. The reason why she sat with me is that I was late for class for the first meeting of the new semester. The only seat left is next to her. When I walked into class, our advisor was pointing me out. He kindly joked with me and indirectly criticized me for being late. Everybody in the class was laughing at me and that was the time when I closely saw her smiling face. I saw her reading a book herself. She was quiet and completely opposite to me who was one of the most naughty boys in the class.

I don’t know why. My mind was just stuck in her. She was reading a book in English. That was something I can never imagine doing at that time. I could read English but the Dyslexia symptoms were way more serious compared to using my native language. So, she is intelligent and even stronger than me (I was very narcissistic). Oh, look at her smile. She looks cute and sweet. In comparison, I was a rigid rational computer with no emotional fluctuation. The sugar-like emotion diffused crazily in my mind like a heavy rain to a desert. The entire feeling was viral and unstoppable, pushing me to be very talkative in front of her. She was very happy to have a conversation with me. I was so crazy that talk everything I know to her, from computer algorithms to physics, from turbine engines to nuclear reactors, from my personal life to my rational structure. We kept contacting each other after school, texting all the time until she went to bed every day. In my own word, the rational dictatorship was in corruption and never took action to limit emotional boundaries before we started the formal relationship.

The good time didn’t last long. One day at noon, she finished the class and went to the club activity. I stayed in the classroom as normal until she went back with pinky lovely letters in her hand. Before, we shared every secret with each other including messages, family background, and any other thing that cannot talk to our parents about. But this time, she felt very nervous and refused to show me that letter which made me mad. I felt very insecure since I have already been very vulnerable emotionally at that moment. A day later, a guy went to the door of our class and asked her out. They seemed to discuss something interesting. He got physically touched her and she had no avoidance. They talked with smiles and it seemed to never end. When I saw everything like this, I felt bad and told her my feelings, but she never understood. Although her responses were very correct and rational, my narcissistic mindset never believed she didn’t love me.

A few weeks later, we went on the autumn trip together. She sat next to me on the bus and we practiced English speaking skills together and talked about other stuff like computer science and future plans. After we got tired, she fall asleep and her head “accidentally” dropped onto my shoulder. Immediately, I was frozen. From the inside, the spiral nervous system, to the outside, my skin, nothing was changing. A deep sharp silence diffused my body like being shocked by lightning. A burst of dopamine gushes out, but it gets stuck by the frozen neuron cells until I finished 10 cycles of “life’s meaning” thinking. When everything popped up, the insecurities were flushed away. Then, the rational army sent 500 latest ESA-class Advanced Fighter aircraft with nuclear capability to the border of rational force and native emotion. Hundreds of aircraft vertically took off from the east airbase of Rational Royal Airforce. They grouped together and transformed in the air into supersonic mode. Within one minute, every aircraft was lined up within the border of the rational force claimed area which follows the Ceasefire Agreement signed after World War I.

After we arrived at the museum, we didn’t talk about the shoulder thing and we start to exhibit the museum. We walked together like a couple, talking and laughing. Then, I went to the restroom for a minute after a long trip and she waited outside. When I finished and walked out, I experienced the one-in-lifetime trauma in a second. The same guy who talked to her last time found her again. They talked and laughed closer than she talked with me while she “initiated” the body contact with his arm and they almost “stuck” together. When I arrived, he sneaked away and she seemed to act as if nothing happened there. My dictatorship government reacted immediately and granted permission to Rational Royal Airforce to initiate the nuclear attack. Then, the helicarrier took off from the east base and headed to the center of the capital city of native emotion. After half an hour, the entire native emotion area was blacked out and occupied by Rational Royal Army and Airforce. In the real world, I stopped sending responses to her after a second and pretended she didn’t even exist in my mind. We are just two strangers.

Rational Technology

It was just a single incident in my life. Everything is good. This time, I knew everything would be okay soon since I have the experience of rebuilding my emotion. I returned to normal the next day but the worst thing was secretly happening in my subconsciousness. I started to dream about the love stories with her every night. Every day when I was studying on my own, she “sat” next to me like in the classroom. We still “talked” and “loved” each other. We were besties but we have never talked and texted or even seen each other. The illusion was fulfilling my mind and it was so addictive that nothing can stop it. Under the absolute control of a rational dictatorship, everything worked perfectly, like in North Korea. Her voice appeared every minute in my mind like North Korea’s propaganda. All the cells in my body were happy and knew nothing. “A sudden end flash war brings peace and economic prosperity.” The propaganda repeated every day in her voice.

A week later, we went back to the school sports festival. When I sat back and wrote the paper, she sat next to my seat intentionally (there are plenty of empty seats nearby). We didn’t talk for ten minutes. I pretended I didn’t know her and continued writing on my computer. She didn’t do anything facing the other direction with no body movement. She was very close to me but nobody reacted. “It is time for rational people to see real peace and prosperity!” The voice of the rational dictator. I started to feel the dopamine and feel very good about myself until another girl yelled to me, “Look Bell! Your girl from class 11 is starting a racing competition. Go, go, go. Take a look. I’ll help you take photos!” The air was frozen. She suddenly turned to me and seemed to say something but she didn’t say. I guess she wanted to say, “Bell, you are an asshole. You have a girl to love but still flirt with me!” She dropped the chair heavily and ran away. After a few seconds, she rotated her body back like a robot, giving me a hate “smile” and striding away. I was very “happy” since an enemy just left me! Every rational people were cherrying. I felt very “good” about myself and continued working on my paper. She was still sitting next to me while I was studying or eating. We still had love stories every night. I have no desire for her body, just pure love.

The Ruin of San Minato

The red sunset illuminates the ruins of San Minato (the capital of native emotion) along with radiation residue. On the other side of the island, everybody is happy and cheering. After a month, I finished the robotics competition and ACT exam in Hong Kong and went back to my home. I suddenly saw a story on social media that she started a relationship with another guy who is much uglier and just a little taller than me (“THIS IS STILL TRUE IN MY CURRENT UNDERSTANDING!” noted in Oct 2021). I even felt happier! But soon something went wrong. I asked myself, “Am I her lover? She is my ‘girlfriend’?” I was confused with myself and rational propaganda. Pain is like volcanic lava that melts my cells, or the smallpox virus kills my rational people one by one, or I was directly hit by lightning, and the eddy current formed by the hit directly destroyed my forebrain area and made me lose consciousness. My rational dictator tells everyone that this is because they are not serious enough in their academic research. You have not mastered the mathematics of machine learning, so hurry up and implement the code! It is because your English ability is too poor. It is because your knowledge is not advanced enough. All parts of my consciousness were fooled and started programming just because I got the message. I kept coding and kept up the entire night, hoping I can do something to save her. I still dreamed about the love stories with her. She was still accompanying me while looking at my academic progress. I was totally manipulated by myself.

Suddenly, I become to like the night since the dream during the night is more real and free. I can touch her in the dream. But when I wake up, the entire thing disappears. There are uncontrollable tears in my eye almost every day since I have to confront reality in my conscious life. I censored everything that reveal the truth and I started to believe I was suffering nothing. To overcome the pain from nowhere, I forced myself to play mobile games with other friends although I really hate it. I spent tons of time and money on that ugly mobile MOBA game but it saved me. It is just like smoking that relieves suffering. Under the cloud of nuclear dust and suffering, I began the fourth phase of development, biological intelligence, with the new computing technology that dissects human intelligence. And from my deep heart, I thank every friend that accompanies me in overcoming that dark period in my life.



Anatomy and recreation of intelligence

(2017) Learning and Abstraction Theorem

The unsupervised learning and information distillation for modeling intelligence and building up next-generation architecture.

(2017) Bionic Computing (ST-XII Core)

The first biology-inspired computing architecture recreated biological intelligence. It involved black-box neural programming and the embedding model.

(2017) Intellectual Model System

The revolutionary system connected everything in memory on an infinite and multi-dimensional embedding space. Hence, it is referred to as 2-Gen Model System.

(2018) The Great Financial Crisis

Dyslexia leads to a complete failure in TOEFL & ACT exams, making other efforts in college applications in vain (competition awards and lab research). Rejection by dream school triggered an unprecedented financial crisis, major depression, and irreversible trauma.

(2018) Internal Evolution Engine

The revolutionary engine consists of evolutionary models and innovation booster with metaheuristic optimization, replacing old update systems. The engine was also equipped with Montreal Engine (Rational Innovation Engine).


The time one world connects to another.

(2019) Nonviolent Revolution

The rational dictatorship was overthrown; the new government was restructured under the constitution; the native emotion regained seats in Congress. Thus, the establishment of a healthy federal system began.

(2019) Internal Economic System

The 3-Gen Model System capitalizes on both rational structure and humanity, manages with financial technology, and creates a self-balanced system with efficient resource allocation.

(2020) Emotion Bridge

The psychological engine instructs genetic, physical, and emotional desires, increasing safety and robustness. Emotion Inductor rebuilds my psychology of myself.

(2020) Intellectual EmoTech

Emotion engineering dissects the human mind and constructs programmable and capitalized models for humanity such as desire, mood, judgment, ideology, decision-making, dependency, and the action-feedback cycle.


The real human is born on earth.

(2021) The Reunification

The reunification between the rational party and the human native party after 8 years, the kingship died, the national guard disbanded, “Berlin Wall” collapsed. I finally become a real human and feel emotions.

(2021) Intuitive Intelligence

Next-generation computing technology makes programming on the intuition layer possible, powering great technology like Emotion Inductor, and Native Language Transformer, pushing the understanding of the world, human, and biological intelligence to the next level.