Name: Bell Chen (Bill Chen, 陳貝爾, 陈贝尔)

Birthday: April 2000. Age of 20.

Location: Columbus Area of Ohio in the United States of America

Studies: Financial Mathematics as major, Computer Science and Entrepreneurship as minors at The Ohio State University

More Specific

I’m current vice president of Ingress Chinese Stock Investment club at Ohio State, being respond of club operation and activity planing.

I’m an artificial intelligence researcher specialized in deep learning and adversarial neural networks with one oral-presented paper on an international conference of IEEE.

I’m the co-founder of Bomb Squad Studio and Hypermatrix Association, organizing geek friends to experiment with high-energy chemistry, laser, and nuclear reaction in the lab.

I like filming and video editing using Final Cut X and I am a video uploader in Bilibili (Chinese YouTube) with 2,000 subscribers.

For Business Partner

I very much welcome the win-win cooperation with like-minded friends. In the future, I plan to start a business in the United States or the United Kingdom. The planned target industries include frontier human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, and educational technology. In the long run, I hope that my company will focus on revolutionary technology innovation.

I’m good at creating ideas and long-term planning with the cross-industry view. I can adapt to unexpected changes and stay rational at all times. In the enterprise, I can do core technology innovation, operations, enterprise planning, engineering management, investment management, and also I understand some marketing. But I need to practice more in negotiation, public speaking, and emotional intelligence.

For Researcher and Thinker

Of course, I also like to exchange academics and ideas with friends. In the area of computer science, my main research direction is artificial intelligence, specifically deep neural networks, and adversarial training. I also have some understanding of robot vision, drones, and neuromorphic computing.

If you are interested in my computational-thinking thought and mindset or you are engaged in cognitive science and neuroscience research and interested in how do I improve intelligence with tons of self-training, welcome to read my overview of the computational world.

No matter you are engaged in finance, engineering, or scientific research, whether you are preparing to start a business or work, as long as you have ideas, welcome to communicate with me.

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