Name: Bell Chen (陳貝爾, 陈贝尔)

Birthday: April 2000. Age of 21.

Physical Location: Columbus Area of Ohio in the United States of America on Planet Earth

ST Location: Downtown District in Tachimi City, State of Rationality

Study: Financial Mathematics as major, Computer Science and Entrepreneurship as minors at The Ohio State University

More Specific

I’m the founder of ST Platform. We currently develop and commercialize the next generation of human-computer interaction technology.

I’m an artificial intelligence researcher specializing in deep learning and adversarial neural networks with one publishment at an IEEE international conference.

I was the 2020 – 2021 vice president of Ingress Chinese Stock Investment club at Ohio State, responsible for club operation and activity planning.

I’m the co-founder of Bomb Squad Studio and Hypermatrix Association, organizing geek friends to experiment with high-energy chemistry, laser, and nuclear reaction in the lab.

For Business Partner

I very much welcome the win-win cooperation with like-minded friends. I plan to build a technology business in the United States, developing the next generation of the metaverse platform and human-computer interaction product. At this moment, the project is under the preparatory stage. I am working very hard to develop core technology and conceptual software. And also, I am finding teammates as well as early-stage investors. I hope a partner with solid learning abilities and a common language will work with me shortly. The technical fields the company was involved in in the early stage include computer graphics, data science, interactive design, and computer game design. Welcome friends to join the team or intern in my startup.

I am good at innovating from 0 to 1. I can make comprehensive strategies for the team. Of course, I also have strong execution to lead the team efficiently and develop creatively. I am more like an all-rounder because I can learn all kinds of things quickly (except language and literature). Welcome to connect me on LinkedIn.

For Researcher and Thinker

I also like to exchange academics and ideas with other people. In computer science, my main research field is artificial intelligence, specifically deep learning, and evolutionary algorithms. I also have a little understanding of computer vision and neuromorphic computing.

If you are interested in computational thinking or are engaged in cognitive science/neuroscience research and are interested in the computing system evolved in my brain, welcome to read the overview of the computational world.

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